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How and why it works

Everyone knows that traffic equals money on the internet. But why? In part it is because of something called “impression adds”. An impression add is a way for companies to “brand” themselves. As you surf the internet, adds appear on your screen. If they are impression adds you do not have to click on them or buy something for the owner of the add code to make money. A website can earn between $0.05 – $20 for every 1,000 page impressions. Advertisers use carefully constructed algorithms to determine how much that payout is. These mathematical formulas determine the “quality” of the traffic and base the payout on their analysis of that traffic. Some of the factors that may be used to determine quality usually includes such things as returning visitors, number of visitors, number of page views per visitor or sales from the site. Every company is different so these factors may be different from one add agency to another.

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So traffic equals money. But here is the problem with most “click to donate” and “play to donate” sites.. there is a “middle man” who has to develop the site, collect money, pay taxes and do all of the labor intensive and expensive work. This stops many people and sites from implementing such programs. Then there are the users of these sites. They are donating the single most important asset they have, their time. There is nothing more valuable in this world than your time. So when people are generous enough to donate their time they shouldn’t have to worry if the middle man is doing his or her part correctly (making donations, analyzing different add payouts and so-forth).

Here is how we are going to make it work. There are more than 1,500 games on Play To Donate (.com). Above and below each game is an area that impression (or other) adds can be fed through. Instead of our add code being in those spots and then us making the respective payments to charities, we propose the organization its self open a separate account to place their own add code on the site. As money is generated from impressions, sales or clicks it is then fed DIRECTLY INTO THE ACCOUNT OF THE ORGANIZATION. The charities no longer have to wait for payments from the middle man (us) this way. They get their money in real time and most importantly, everyone will know that they are truly getting 100% of that money.

Below is an example of an impression add. We can put your charity, group or organizations add code under every game on this website at once. One lucky group gets the spot under EVERY game (on a rotating basis). There is a spot for adds above every game as well. The spots above each game were programmed to allow individual addition of adds above individual games so that more than one group can use this service at a time. The money you generate will be deposited into YOUR groups account in REAL TIME. For more information or to get started raising money for your group, contact: We are ready to help you start generating money for your cause!

Kickstarter Funding

Kickstarter is a Crowd funding website, it is the website that started it all and it allowed hundreds of thousands of people make their dreams come true with the help of backers from around the world, from people that they don’t even know.


You might open Kickstarter and wonder why people have donated millions for people that they do not know. Here are three reasons that will help you understand:

1- The Direct Benefit:

This might be the obvious reason as every project has a list that shows you what you would get in return according to your donation. Of course, the bigger the donation, or as they call it on Kickstarter, the pledge, the bigger the reward.

For example, if it is a Kickstarter for a movie, you might get the script, a poster or even have a speaking role in the movie. Of course, the kind of rewards varies according to the nature of the  project.

2- The Ability to Make a Dream come True:

We all have dreams about things we would like to achieve and Kickstarter is the place where people get funding for those dreams. These people depend on you and me to make their dreams come true and with our pledging, we can support a great project and make it happen.

3- Support Something You Always wanted:

There are many projects out there that you will find yourself attracted to. This can be an old game that someone is trying to re create or transform into a board game or it can be a popular TV show that is trying to get funding for a movie, such as the Veronica Mars project or Rubidium Wu’s Crow Hill. These projects are not only for the people behind them, but they are also for the fans who want to see them happen.

These are only some of the reasons that would encourage you to make a pledge to a Kickstarter project.


1.) Register for your free account through our secure registration page.

2.) Browse through over 1500 free games and save your favorites to your favorites list.

3.) Do a barrel roll and Play free games everyday to help generate donations for great causes.

4.) Enjoy other great features on our site like building your profile, meeting new friends through our social network, accomplishing the highest scores on our most active games, and many others!

How does help charity? was developed out of the concept of click-to-donate websites. Click to donate programs have been around since the late 1990’s. This method involves clicking a button on a website that takes the user to an advertisers banner and in turn causes commissions to be generated from the advertisements displayed, then those commissions are given in whole to a particular charity. works similar but instead of clicking, you get to play! Our site allows the user a more engaging experience when he or she wishes to contribute their time in supporting a cause.

What if I do not approve of some of the content on the games?

We have installed the games on this site through “game packages” and are constantly working to remove any game seen as inappropriate. We always encourage our users to give feedback on our site and let us know of games that are found to be offensive in any way, shape or form. Please send all feedback to:

How is everything on the site free to the gamer?

Designated advertising spots help to offset the cost of running this site and also help in developing improvements to better your experience on


Here is a list of add agencies your group or organization can get started with. At most of these sites all you have to do is sign up as a publisher, add to your list of websites and choose the add code you would like us to run. Send us the add code and we will format it above 100 individual games for you with your groups logo (so people know who they are playing for).

Why do we suggest you use a separate account from one that you may already use? Because, it is our mission to help our groups without ever hurting them. Sometimes add companies will temporarily (or permanently) halt the flow of adds to “analyze traffic” or to analyze the website its self. It is our goal to help you create a new revenue source, not jeopardize an existing one. We know that some groups depend on their internet add revenue and we do not ever want you to jeopardize an existing account. Here is a list of some of the bigger add agencies on the internet. Simply choose one (or google one) and open a new account. Send us the code of your choice and start watching your groups new account fill with money as people come to play in a responsible, socially conscious way.

If you don’t want to use impression adds or adds that generate revenue based on sales or clicks, there are other options. PlayToDonate can run your clickable logo along with a “chip in” box, or a paypal donation button and a short paragraph about the goal you are trying to reach. We will also work with you to do a combination of all of these things. Finding the right fit for your fundraising needs, at no cost to you, is what matters most. Contact to get started.